About Us


Let me introduce myself, I'm Stevie and I am the woman behind this site!
I am a blogger, social media marketer, and social media manager.
That perfect man in the picture with me is my husband Gabe, and we have been married for 5 years.
I am a Las Vegas local, born and raised. 
I have seen this town grow and expand so much over the last 20+ years, and now I am experiencing raising my own family in this interesting and wonderful town!
I am the proud mama of a 5-year-old boy and a brand new baby girl!
Our son is a handful and we are constantly looking for new things to do, and new things to channel his energy into.

When I first had my son I realized how hard it was to find things to take him to go do!
Over the last 5 years, I have taught myself how to manage social media, and how to start a website. Kid-Friendly Las Vegas actually started as a small spot on a mommy blog that I had started in 2012.
When I noticed that the views on those local posts were gaining more traction and people were actually asking me when the next post would be I decided KFLV needed its own site!
I officially launched Kid-Friendly Las Vegas during October of 2016 in hopes of giving parents a way of easily finding things to do!
I work very hard each month to compile all the events and activities going on around town.

I also hope to help small local businesses gain exposure and grow! 
Local businesses are what I believe this town needs to thrive, if you own a local business and would like to be featured please contact us at: 

If you are a parent or just someone looking for fun family things to do each month, feel free to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter!
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