Let Grimaldi's Pizzeria Take Care of Dinner Tonight

With my oldest starting Kindergarten this week we have been adjusting our lifestyle to completely revolve around his school schedule. This has been making us all extremely tired and cranky around dinner time, making meal planning fall to the bottom of the list.
My son is a super picky eater but one thing he absolutely loves is pizza!
I have heard nothing but great things about Grimaldi's Pizzeria and they have a few locations around town, so we decided to go check them out.
Our waitress was great with my son, going above and beyond to make our whole family's experience enjoyable. 

Make sure to ask for some "play dough" for your kids. If your kids like playing with slime, they will love playing with pizza dough! 
My son also got to watch the pizza pros making pizzas. He was amazed at the big brick oven, and he even got to see someone spinning the pizza dough in the air! 
I haven't even told you about the food yet!

We started off with the Bruschetta Trio, my husband had to convince me to try this, and I was happy that he did. They all tasted so yummy, I could not get the little picky eater to try it though!

We ordered a pepperoni pizza since that is my little picky eater's favorite food.
I have to say that Grimaldi's pizza is now one of my absolute favorites in town. The crust was crunchy, and all the toppings were so good and fresh tasting.
We even had a couple of leftover pieces to take home. We threw them into the toaster oven the next day and they were just as good as they were the day before! 

Lastly, we had the Dessert Trio which came with a cannoli, a slice of the seasonal strawberry cheesecake, and one of my favorites a slice of tiramisu. I have a huge sweet tooth and these were all so mouthwateringly good, I am daydreaming about them as I write this!

I highly recommend taking a night off from cooking and letting Grimaldi's Pizzeria give you a fun, family-friendly, and yummy dinner experience!
There are a few locations across the city, and even across the country. 
Find your nearest location HERE.
(The location we ate at was the Henderson location located at 
9595 S. Eastern Ave Ste.100
Las Vegas, NV 89123