New Mama Must Haves: Boppy Classic Infant Support Pillow & Infant Lounger (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

This post was sponsored by Boppy, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

One baby product I always recommend to every new mom is the Boppy Infant Support Pillow.
The U-shape is perfect for wrapping around your waist, and helping hold up your baby while they eat, whether it be breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
I used the Boppy Classic Infant Support Pillow with my son and it was great for supporting him while bottle feeding, as well as for propping him up to sit, and for tummy time as he got older.
I also used the Boppy to put between my legs while I was pregnant, and it was the only way I could sleep at night!
Boppy also sells a bunch of different pillows made especially for pregnant women!

I currently couldn't live without the classic Boppy for breastfeeding my baby girl.
It provided the necessary support needed while I was healing from my c-section, and now I use it everytime I feed her.

While I was shopping for my baby girl I discovered the Boppy Infant Lounger.

The Newborn Lounger is a soft pillow with a recessed interior that provides the perfect place for your baby to relax.
The fabric is very soft, and machine washable, it is also wipeable.
I have been using this pillow pretty much every day since we brought baby girl home!
The pillow gives me a place to set baby girl down for a hands-free moment, I usually use it while we are lounging in bed watching t.v.
I also use it to have her on the couch next to me, I love it because we have pets and this keeps her out of the inevitable pet hair on the couch.
The infant lounger is like her own little comfy chair and it also works great for taking adorable photos on!

This pillow is perfect for infants but it is recommended you stop using it once your baby is 16lbs. or they can roll over on their own.

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