Blog: Meet our Newest Family Member!

Some of you have noticed that we took a little break from posting during January and February.
Let me introduce my baby girl, Ruby Cash, the reason for that break!

This pregnancy was so different from my first. My 1st pregnancy was so easy, I had no morning sickness, but with this pregnancy, I was sick from the day I found out.

This was our first ultrasound at 15 weeks, we got this ultrasound at 
We had a great experience there and I highly recommend taking advantage of their great  Groupon deal.

When I found out I was pregnant I thought for sure we were going to have another boy. 
Both mine and my husband's families have a track record of mainly boys.
So when I found out I was having a baby girl I almost couldn't believe it!
We bought everything pink, and had a beautiful pink and gold baby shower!

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We got this ultrasound done at 27 weeks at

We had this ultrasound done at 33 weeks at 
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We went to do 3D/4D ultrasounds 3 times, which seems excessive, but there are so many good deals on them, and they are just such a special experience that we figured why not!
I recommend doing it at least once, I didn't bother doing one with my first born, and I wish that I had!

My C-section with my son was relatively easy, I was pretty much out of it during the whole procedure.
With Ruby I was so awake and aware it freaked me out, I was totally numb but being so aware had me panicking that I would feel pain at any instant.

When baby Ruby was born via C-Section she had leftover fluid in her lungs.
The medical term is transient tachypnea, and I found out it's pretty common in infants born by c-section.
It was pretty scary to hear that they were taking her to the NICU.
I felt really helpless, especially since I had just had major surgery and I was pretty useless for the first 24 hours.
It was hard only seeing her through pictures my husband took, and only getting updates on her progress from him.

They had her hooked up to breathing tubes as well as a feeding tube, which she HATED! 
It was really hard seeing her all hooked up to machines, my son came out so big and just ready to go. Baby girl needed much more and I just had to keep reassuring myself and my husband that she was perfect and healthy, she just needed some extra tlc.

When I was finally able to visit her she was already doing much better, they were talking about taking her off of the breathing machine and just putting her on a CPAP. Meaning she didn't need as much help to breathe. I had high hopes for us taking her home with us when we were discharged.

Over the next few days, me and baby girl got all our wires and tubes removed and we both started to improve a lot! We were hoping to all get released together but then the doctors made the decision to put her under the Bilirubin lights for a bit to ward off her slight jaundice. 

After she was taken out from under the lights, we still had to wait for her test results and then the doctors wanted her to gain more weight before she was able to come home.
We ended up having to leave Ruby in the NICU for 2 more days while we went home. 
Leaving her there was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
It physically hurt to leave that hospital without my baby, and I broke down the second I got home. 
BUT I am so grateful to the staff at St. Rose Siena Hospital, they took such good care of myself and my baby girl, and we were very lucky to have such a healthy, strong baby girl.
I was amazed at how small the babies in the NICU were, and I just felt blessed to have my 8lb baby girl.

Ruby Cash finally got to come home after spending 6 days in the NICU. She has been such an amazing addition to our little family. She is such a calm baby, and she loves to smile!
Her big brother is starting to get used to her, he mainly thinks she is boring and loud.
My babies make me so happy, and I am so proud I just had to share this journey with you guys!

Thank you all for following and showing love to this site. 
This site is like my 3rd baby, and I love helping parents find things to do with their little ones.

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