Pogo Pass, Your Pass to Year-Round Fun!

While this post is mainly focused on the Las Vegas Pogo Pass,
 Pogo Pass is also available in
Phoenix, AZ,
San Antonio, TX,
Austin/Waco, TX,
and Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX!

What is a Pogo Pass?
The Pogo Pass is a 12-month access pass to various participating venues and businesses, you simply purchase the pass and you receive:

Cowabunga Bay Waterpark
One general admission ticket to Cowabunga Bay Waterpark. 
Simply present your pass at admissions to be scanned.

Springs Preserve
One general admission ticket to the Springs Preserve.
 Simply present your pass at admissions to be scanned.

Lion Habitat Ranch
One Visit to the Lion Habitat Ranch.
Simply present your Pogo Pass at admissions to gain entrance.

Discovery Children's Museum
One visit to Discovery Children's Museum. 
Simply present your Pogo Pass at the front desk for admission!

One game of laser tag.
Simply present your pass at the front desk to be scanned.

Las Vegas Aviators
Two games for the Las Vegas Aviators regular season.  Each Pogo Pass member receives One (1) ticket per game.
Reserve your tickets on the Pogo Pass website.

Three visits to Gameworks. 
Members can choose one of the following each visit to Gameworks.
1 Game of Bowling (including shoe rental)
1 Hour Game Card
1 Hour of e-gaming in the LAN Gaming Zone

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix
Two visits to Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix.  Each visit is good for two ride tickets.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for ride tickets.

One visit to SeaQuest Aquarium.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for admission.

Gold Coast Bowling
One game of bowling per month.
Shoe Rental not included.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for admission.

The Orleans Bowling
One game of bowling per month.
Shoe Rental not included.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for admission.

Suncoast Bowling
One game of bowling per month.
Shoe Rental not included.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for admission.

Sam's Town Bowling
One game of bowling per month.
Shoe Rental not included.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for admission.

Get Air Trampoline Park
One visit to Get Air Trampoline Park for a One (1) one-hour jump session.
Simply present your Pogo Pass at the front desk for admission.

Bouncy World
One (1) visit to Bouncy World. (Open bounce with in and out privileges for the day).
Each Pogo Pass holder receives $25 OFF a Private Party Booking Monday - Friday!
Simply present your pass at the front desk to be scanned for a wristband.

Nevada Climbing Centers
Six visits to Nevada Climbing Centers.
Does not include equipment rental.
Simply present your Pogo Pass at the front desk for admission.

The Dome At Container Park
One show at The Dome at Container Park.
Simply present your Pogo Pass at the front desk for admission.

Kids Tyme
Members Receive
One visit to Kids Tyme for a 1-hour play.
Simply present your Pogo Pass for admission

How do I use the Pogo Pass?
Simply present your Pogo Pass at any of the current participating venues.
  The most popular version of the pass is used by downloading the Pogo Pass app from the Apple or Android store and showing it from your device. 
You can also print your passes from your account. Your pass will be scanned and admitted for a complimentary General Admission.
 Please make sure to check the calendar for any restrictions on a particular day.  

Each person ages 1 year and up needs a pass to gain access to all these great activities.

Pogo Passes are valid 1 year from the date of purchase, not for a calendar year.  If you purchase your pass in the middle of the year and events are past or out of season, they will be available to you the following season until your pass expires.
You can also purchase Pogo Pass gift cards, these allow you to purchase the Pogo Pass as a gift that can be redeemed and activated by those you gift them to.  Pogo Pass membership does not begin until gift card is redeemed. These are great as birthday, or graduation gifts!  

The Pogo Pass is a must-have for anyone with kids, and this deal is so amazing it really speaks for itself! 


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